Electro-Stimulation 180 (RUSSIAN)

1) Turn the intensity controls to the start (Make sure the controls turn counter- clockwise until a click is heard.) Both intensity controls must be at the start position even if only one is being used.

2) Turn on main A tone will be heard indicating that the unit is ready. Never turn the main power switch on or off while the patient is connected.

3) SET MODE SWITCH TO This is the manual mode which is used to adjust the intensity and connect the electrodes prior to AUTOMATIC sequence.

4) Make sure the electrode cables are inserted into the proper outlet

5) Set output selector to the output jack in (This switch has a center off position. It is important when switching outputs to first switch to the center position and wait for the needle on the meter to read 0. NEVER switch directly to one side to the other. Normally, the output selector should be set to output 1. Only when using a duel output sequence, is it necessary to select output 2.

6) The safety switch assembly should already be inserted in the safety This should be given to the patient as a safety measure when the machine is in operation. The switch button should be on for the patient to receive stimulation.

7) Set the timer to the desired treatment time.

8) Increase intensity control slowly to the patient’s If the goals are of strengthening, a muscle contraction, explain to the patient that there will be a “tightening” sensation of the muscle. Tightening is only to the comfort level of the patient.

9) Set on – set time control depending on the treatment mode being In the case of the 15 to 50 strengthening regimen , the onset time is always set to 5 seconds. While using the 12 to 8 sequence, the on – set time may be 3 or 4 seconds, depending on patient comfort.

10) The time cycle selector should be set while still in manual The 12 to 18 cycle operate only on output 1. The 15 to 50 to 1 operates on output 1 only. The 15 to 52 operates in a sequential mode on both outputs.

11) Switch to auto Once a time sequence has been selected and the selector set to auto, do not switch back to manual unless the intensity controls are set to start (turned all the way down) or the safety switch is off.

12) Only adjust the intensity in the automatic mode when the red stimulation light is on and the preset maximum intensity has been reached.