Cervical Traction

Cervical traction is a type of treatment for certain neck disorders. The main purpose of cervical traction is to relieve pain.


  1. Immobilizing and supporting the weight of the head.
  2. Separating the vertebrae and the facet joints, therefore, relieving pressure on the nerve roots, discs and any arterial or venous structures in the vertebral foramina.
  3. Puts the head in good postural alignment.
  4. Stretches the spinal musculature which relaxes the muscles around the cervical spine.
  5. Blood flow effects.


  1. Whiplash injuries.
  2. Musculature and ligamentous strains.
  3. Arthritic changes.
  4. Migraine and other headaches.
  5. Cervical disc protrusions.